Kelly Triplett is a multifaceted singer-songwriter - as much at home with a rock song as with a country ballad.  Her songs often use every day events to transcend the boundaries between people.

She's enjoyed Top Ten success on a variety of charts from Broadjam to ReverbNation.

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I'm a GRAMMY! 

No...not that kind of grammy! I'm talking about the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) - The GRAMMYS!

Based on the strength of my latest studio CD, "Close Enough," I was accepted as a voting member! I'm looking forward to the possibilities and opportunities NARAS membership provides. NARAS members do more than just vote on who gets a golden gramaphone statue. They participate in educational outreach programs, fund-raising initiatives, musician networking, and so much more. I'll keep you posted on my activities as a new member. And who knows...today a GRAMMY member; tomorrow, a GRAMMY! Cheers everyone and thanks again for your support!

Earworms... Podcast

Wikipedia defines an earworm as, "...a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing." Imagine having a song stuck in your head that hasn't been recorded yet - or even finished being written! That's the earworm in my head (and I'm sure, in the head of every songwriter on the planet)!

Luckily, I finally got the songs out of my head, onto a CD, and now, out to the world! July 2014, "Close Enough" was released!

I appreciate all the help and support I've received throughout the process. I hope you enjoy the title song!
  1. Close Enough

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